Realigning outer success to inner joy

Have you been an imposter? Perhaps ‘faking it until you’re making it’ and pushing on through self-doubt to do or achieve something? This is a universal experience. Arguably anyone who is successful in business or the business of life has times when they need to feel the fear and do it anyway, to overcome their inner negative voice and rise to a challenge to create success. Some of us get good at it. I did. Yet I felt like Jack Nicholson in the movie ‘As Good as It Gets’ when he asks that very question about his seemingly successful life. This is something more than just imposter syndrome. To truly be in utter alignment you need to live by your values and be true to yourself. Through my own life experiences and in developing my The Realigned Leader programme, I have created a blueprint to discover your true values across every aspect of your life. To set a plan of action to live and protect yourself from boundary busters and those who rob you of joy. Becoming bulletproof to old, outdated, rules and patterns of thought and behaviour. This is true alignment and this brings true freedom and joy.


We’re looking for people with moving life wisdom to write in our books. We teach you how to leverage a book and be an “authorprenuer,” all while you share your inspiring story in your own chapter. Whether you consider yourself an author or not, we welcome all storytellers and walk you hand in hand on the road to becoming a bestselling author.

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